Santa's making his list and checking it twice!
Are you sure you haven't been more naughty than nice?
Have you been to see Santa and sat on his knee?
Have you asked him sweetly what your present will be?

If I were you, I couldn't resist!
You don't want to be excluded from Santa's 'nice girls' list!
I'd let him know behind your squinty little eyes
Lies a good little girl with a big surprise!

Ask him if you promise to be real good to him
If you can change his scowl to a cute little grin
Then tell him if he brings what you've asked Santa for,
He can forget the chimney and leave by the door!

Let him know you'll make this Christmas his best,
And after this one, he'll forget all the rest!
Because you've checked his list, too...
And you know at the top of his list is YOU!

Copyright Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 


"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"
performed by
Brenda Jolly

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