In my heart, you are to me,

An angel, innocent and carefree.

Youíve brought me joy and happiness,

Rarely do you show distress.

As I watch you through the years,

I shall shed many tears.

Tears of joy, tears of pain,

For when you fail, when you gain.

Iíll always be here, guiding your way,

Until you become sure of yourself, and walk away.

You may live abroad, far and wide,

But I will always be waiting at your side.

When you need me, you only need call,

To pick you up, should you fall.

When you have doubts, donít run and hide,

Close your eyes and feel me, for I am your mom,

And Iíll always be at your side.


This poem used with the permission of the poet
who wishes to remain The Mystery Writer but you
may contact the poet by clicking on the email button


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