Now there was a blue Triumph,

A 'Tiger' by name.

Who could eat up a mountain and

Every curve she'd tame!


No two-wheeler was her equal,

In mountain or plain.

She was a purrin' Tiger,

True to her name!


On curves she excelled

As her exhausts exhaled.

She clung to the road,

No matter the load!


A dream-machine was she,

As she buzzed like a bee.

Her stinger was always out

Passin' others with a shout!


This mighty twin was eager to please,

Just grab the throttle and squeeze.

No foolin' around, this baby would fly,

Straddle her saddle and prepare to die!


From jolly Old England she came,

On some slow freighter, no doubt.

Then a long train to Denver,

Where she waited about!


Into the showroom came a man and his son.

Said the son to his dad,

There are two,

And both of them blue!


That's one for me

And one for you!

So help me

That's true!


Twin Triumph Tigers

And both of them blue.

How can I tell which is for me,

And which is for you?


Two Tigers in the stall

Side by side.

Let's straddle the saddle

And let's take a ride!


This the father & son often did

Riding side by side

On twin Tigers of blue,

One for me, the other for you!


Up Coal Creek Canyon

Twisting the Tigers' tail,

Slow down Dad

Or we'll land in jail!


The Tigers ride well together,

In all kinds of weather.

And the father and his son

Had so much fun!


Two Tigers of blue.

One for me, one for you,

Up over the Continental Divide,

Father and son, side by side!


Those were the glory days!

Now gone from view,

And gone are the Tigers

Both of them blue!


The son is now grown

And the father is old.

And twin Tigers of blue,

Have both been sold!


What would I give

Again to live

With my son by my side

And two Tigers to ride?


Memories die hard

And sons grow up.

Why can't old dogs

Again be pups?


Tears fill my eyes,

When I consider the prize

Of a pair of blue Tigers

where somewhere they've died!


Somewhere, in the wild blue yonder

I don't want to straddle a Honda.

God, I'll be pleased to receive the keys

To a blue Triumph Tiger, please!


And Heaven will be a perfect place,

With my son by my side,

On a pair of blue Tigers

Forever to ride!

used by permission
Copyright Doc Caffey
All Rights Reserved 


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