Your flowers planted last year, Dear,

Have bloomed this year in June,

With summer now near leaving,

Colder days are coming soon.


The mums that gave you great delight,

Are beautiful to see,

I only wish you could be here,

Enjoying them with me.


My days are long and lonely since,

You moved out of our home,

I struggle Dear, without you,

As I live my life alone.


I visit you with every chance,

But you donít know Iím there,

Some days I sense, in heart and mind,

You know Iím there and care.


It doesnít matter if you know,

And recognize my face,

For I am yours and you are mine,

Beside you is my place.  


 So even though, I stroll alone,

And walk among the flowers,

Just as before, youíre there with me,

To share my lonely hours.


Tomorrow, after breakfast Dear,

Iíll be there at your side,

If it is so, that you donít know,

Still, in you love abides.  


used by permission
Copyright © Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 










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and a photo taken by
Joyce Williams

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