There was a time just days ago--a time that feels like years--
When all it seemed was happiness, but I had my private fears.

I didn't want to love you so--I'd been hurt before,
But as the days went quickly by I loved you more and more.

So simple was the love we had--so free and undemanding--
I willingly gave you all my heart and all my understanding.

I came to think my love alone and the chance for a brand new start
Would ease the sting of years gone past and slowly warm your heart.

I should have seen it coming; all the signs were there.
I should have laid it on the line; I should have cleared the air.

But still I watched it happen--the plans and dates not kept.
So many times the tears I cried you never knew I wept.

I questioned why our love must stay concealed within the dark
When long before I met you, the two of you had part.

Many were the times I knew as we lay there in the dark
I held your body close to me, but another held your heart.

In dreams of my tomorrows, I saw you by my side,
And now the hurt of shattered dreams from you I try to hide.

I tried to calm the fears I felt--shadows tearing me apart--
That soon I'd have to give you up to the one who held your heart.

She was just a vision of a very distant past--
Of hopes and dreams that could have been--of plans that did not last.

You said that she had ruined your life and cast your love aside
But every time you spoke of her your voice was full of pride.

The things she did--the things she said--all hurt you to the core
And now I'm hurting just as much as you go back for more.

Our future lay a step ahead as long as we were two,
But here alone I'm forced to face a future without you.

I know I made you happy--I saw it in your look.
I can't believe her phone call and a tear was all it took.

How quickly all who were so nice now take the other side.
All of their good wishes were fickle as the tide.

Today another measures the love we two have shared--
A love that never would have been if she had really cared.

I wonder now why I must pay the price for loving you
When I thought all I gave was good, and all you said was true.

All I gave was not enough with what she had to give
To take her back was your decision--you have your life to live.

I pray that you will never know the pain I feel inside,
And that you'll never have to see the hurt I try to hide.

In your happiness I'll try to find the peace I never knew,
But still I'll wonder why you chose her when you knew my love was true.

I cherish now the days gone by when honesty was a treasure,
And I thought all your love for me was much too deep to measure.

When hearts are torn in two and one still loves another,
It hurts so much to love enough to let go of the other.

The disappointment and hurt I feel is difficult to hide.
Openly I'll smile and forget about my pride,

But inside I'll remember better days and nights gone by
And somewhere in the wings I'll wait…and quietly I'll cry.



used by permission
Copyright © Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 


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