In World War Two,

Time warp in reverse.

Up come the fighter planes,

And the flak, which is worse.



Within the Mighty Ship,

Prayers rise from the crew,

While pilots fight to hold the course,

And gunners do what gunners do.



A fighting Superfortress is the 29,

As she flies 30,000 feet high,

And with eleven men in prayer.

The B-29 is a Chapel in the sky !



And yet, it is true

That many a crew

Never returned to base,

But experienced God's embrace !



We shall never forget

Those who are not back yet;

And their 29's are no longer high,

Yet a Chapel it is, but no longer in the sky.!



We must never forget

The men who flew the 29,

For we are ever in their debt,

And somewhere they are flying.



Copyright C. Douglas Caffey
All Rights Reserved 


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