Birthday of a Hero




Today I checked the calendar, 

I thought, "My gosh, it’s time", 

I got my paper and my pen, 

To write some words that rhyme.



I thought about what I would write, 

It had to be just so, 

For in the words that I would pen, 

I’d want the world to know,



The world is full of heroes, 

Some deserving and some not, 

But most deserving of them all, 

Are those that time’s forgot.



We’ve heroes in the ballpark, 

And in Hollywood as well, 

But these aren’t really heroes, 

As most anyone can tell,



A hero has to give himself, 

And lay it on the line, 

A hero sacrifices and, 

Will stand the test of time.



Who are the heroes of today, 

Who gave part of their life? 

To give a bit of freedom to, 

Each child, husband, wife.



The answer to this puzzle is, 

As clear as it can be, 

Turn back the calendar in time, 

To nineteen forty-three.



The soldier and the airman, 

The marine and sailor too. 

They paid a price for freedom, 

For the old red, white and blue.



And now…. They live among us, 

We’ve forgotten what they’ve done, 

If not for all their effort, 

WW II would not be won.



Today, let’s be specific though, 

One hero comes to mind, 

A man who’s given of himself, 

A hero, you will find,



In spite of all that he’s been through, 

The places he has been, 

If he were needed and was called, 

He’d do it all again,



A patriotic hero, 

Loving country, God and life, 

Is thankful every day he lives, 

For such a loving wife.



Well, now I need to tell you, 

If you don’t already know, 

That our hero has a birthday, 

And I hope you’ll wish him so.



So, keep a watchful eye upon, 

The calendar and clock, 

Then email him on his b-day, 

Say, "Happy birthday Doc."


To send Doc a birthday
greeting just click on the
heart and email him.



Written just for 

C. Douglas Caffey 

who has a birthday on 
November 10.

The smiling young man
in the middle is our Birthday


 used by permission
Copyright ©
Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 



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