Little girls in Daddy's arms
He holds them, oh so tight!
His love for them fills up his heart
And fills his soul with sweet delight!

Their trusting eyes smile back at him
As he leans down to kiss each brow,
He loves each one so very much
No more deeply then as he does now.

With fingertips so strong, so gentle
He strokes each little face,
They share sweet butterfly kisses
He hugs them close in a deep embrace.

Little girls in Daddy's arms
Growing up all too soon.
His love has never faltered
For them, he'd scale the moon!

Butterfly Kisses became their song
And whenever the song is heard,
It brings reminders of all the love, and
Memories linger in every word.

Yesterday, today and always
The opportunity he never misses
To give those angels all his love
Along with gentle butterfly kisses.

No longer little girls in Daddy's arms
But of this they can be sure
The butterfly kisses they once shared
Holds them in his heart forever more!



used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved 


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