What I was once told was accepted,
is now being rejected. Changes again,
I'm a chameleon.

Words said in haste,
in thought not,
over and over, to be blamed.
Change again, 
I'm a chameleon.
Years of believing, feelings of trust,
crashing in upon me, I guess they must.
The secrecy, the lies, total distrust.
told I'm at fault.
Changes again,
I'm a chameleon.
How much hurt, can one heart take,
before it's so full, no more can it take?
To convince oneself to believe in him,
that'll he'll not hurt me, or be so selfish.
I try everyday, sometimes harder that most,
I know I'm not perfect, I have faults to boast.
But I do not go back on my words of trust!
Why would he? I guess he feels he must.
Change again, time once more to be, 
the chameleon.

I give my all, forgiveness the only way. 
Is there a limit? How long can I go on this way?
Matters not I tell myself, 
I must change again to save my life, once more...
I'm a chameleon.


This poem used with the permission of the poet
who wishes to remain 
The Mystery Writer 
but you may contact the poet
by clicking on the email button.




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