"Dedicated to the memory of Ray Roe"

Can simple phrases, words and such,

Express the heart and soul?

When I tell you, "I love you dad,"

Is the meaning clear and whole?


We say we love so many things,

The phrase is used so much.

I wonder if my, "I love you's"

Have made their special touch.


So often I have taken time,

To recount years gone by,

Reliving special memories,

Of you dad.... you and I.


I know I've said a thousand times,

How much I love you so.

And through the years, my love for you,

Has grown more than you know.


I've learned through your example, that,

Love’s more than just a phrase,

As you have shown loves meaning,

In your kind and generous ways.


I only wish I could express,

My real love for you,

But all the words my mind contrives,

Fall short and will not do.


If I tell you a thousand more times,

Before this life is through,

Please know it's more than just a phrase,

I love you dad, I do.


used by permission
Copyright © Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 




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