Do You Remember


The green eggs?
Water in the lister bag?

Standing in line for mail?

You're buddy landing in jail?


Your laundry in a bag?

SOS for lunch?

A 2-yr old movie

Shared by a bunch?


The soda shop at home?

A chocolate ice cream cone?

A ride with the top down,

With the cutest girl in town?


The day you shipped out,

With uniform well done?

A short walk in the Park,

With the sweetheart you'd won?


The day you flew back
To the Good Ole USA?

At the soda shop again,

Not now a boy, but a man?


The sweetheart you had won,

More lovely now than then;

You popped the Big Question

And married life begins?

Does your memory take you back


To strange islands in the sea,

When life was lived for the day,

And the war made a man of me?


Does your memory return

In the stillness of the night,

When the wife and kids,

Have turned out the lights?


Are you alone again

With your memories in gear?

Back on the islands where

You first learned to fear?


Join the Club, my friend,

For you are not alone.

Our minds are half a world away,

While our bodies are at home!


Goodnight soldier,

Though we are older,

We'll still remember

Pearl Harbor in December?


Copyright C. Douglas Caffey
All Rights Reserved 



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