"Sometime ago I had just come home from the hospital after having  serious back surgery. I still had my PJ's on but I wanted to see if I could get on the Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic.  Obviously that brought on the smile. 
I have owned some 35 motor cycles, including BMW's, Gold Wings, Triumph's, BSA's, Honda's, Bultaco's and Yamaha's. I had to sell the beautiful Yamaha in June of this year for I could no longer get on and off at age 77"


Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a young innocent boy.  One day this boy went to war and one day he returned from war never to be the same again. 

Doc has some of the most powerful WWII poetry you will ever read and you can find that poetry HERE.  The world of WWII is a world that Doc brought home with him and lives everyday. 

BUT Doc has another world he lives in - a world where he is a husband, a father, a grandfather, a friend, a preacher, a teacher and much much more. 

The poetry you find here is the poetry of Doc's Other World and I promise he will delight you with his sense of humor, his love for his family and his love for his maker.




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