If I kept a diary,
Of all my nightly dreams,
Soon... they would reveal,
Each and every plan and scheme.
I would be, confronted with,
The fact, that it is true,
That all my secret dreams at night,
Are you, and only you.
If I kept a diary,
And penned each detail in,
All who'd read the words I write,
Would know my secret sin,
They'd know how much I love you
They would see how much I care,
Then sense the depth, this love for you,
With nothing left to spare,
They'd see us meet, each night in love,
In sentences I'd write,
And feel the passion in each word,
Of dreams I have each night.
If I kept a diary,
Of dreams I have for you,
Then you might read the words I write,
And finally know it's true.

used by permission
Copyright Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 


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