When birds have hushed their singing and,
Days end is drawing near,

New calm besets the stirring soul,

The mind seems now so clear.




The world about me quiets,

As the living now prepares,

To lessen its distractions,

As it goes to evening prayer.




I close my eyes; I bow my head,

Then offer thanks and praise,

For all that God has sent to me,

In known and unknown ways.



Of all the things Iím thankful for,

In all held dear and true,

I offer up the greatest thanks,

For bringing me to you.




I realize, it wasnít fate,

It wasnít just by chance,

That you and I should link in life,

Was not by circumstance.




Tonight, I sent a special prayer,

I thanked Him just for you,
For you have been a blessing that,

Will last my whole life through.



used by permission
Copyright © Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 

June 18, 2004


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