I took a walk in the woods today…
Had a lot on my mind...many things to say.
The deeper into the woods I walked
The less I felt the need to talk.
I looked around at the new signs of Spring…
Admired nature…and heard the birds sing.
Suddenly in the brush just ahead
I glimpsed a slight movement where the footpath led.
Then from the shadows he stepped in the light.
I wondered why he showed no fright
As he seemed to see me watching him there.
Observing a sight such as this is so rare!
I couldn't help but stare in awe
And marvel at the scene I saw.
A gentle face…warm eyes of brown
As he lifted his head and again looked around.
I tried to stand perfectly still 
Though I thought in the air I could feel a slight chill,
Or was it excitement I could feel in my bones
At watching a vision to most seldom known?
His beauty was breathtaking and truly amazing
As he lowered his head and went back to grazing.
So innocent, I thought, this humble creature;
What fate awaits this unwitting teacher? 
I wonder when he looks at me...
Do his eyes see the things I see?
Do I remind him of a Season
When a shot rang out for no known reason?
A shot that took his mother down
And sent dogs baying all around…
And while his mother's blood ran red
He ran for his life-alone and scared.
Do I remind him of another-
The human who killed this beautiful fawn's mother.
Or has he in his innocence forgiven all
And now answers only nature's call?
A thing of beauty for us to behold
Until… the next Season...

Copyright © Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 


Background music 
~ Born Free ~
performed by 
 Hector John Gaudreau

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