Forgotten Memory

Love, if I could just erase
The memory of the smile that lights your face!
If I could just forget the sight
Of you walking toward me in the sweetest night.

Forget your eyes, your walk, your charm,
Forget your kiss, forget your arms.
Forget I love you now as I loved you then,
I would be free to love again.

If I could forget the memory
Of contentment when you were with me,
Only then would I be sure
That I'll survive, I will endure.

If your face would forever leave my mind;
If there were nothing left that could remind,
Only then would I be free
Of your forgotten memory.

Time is kind - I know some day
Thoughts of you will fly away,
Like angels in a heavenly sky,
Like words that you would now deny.

If I could close my mind to you,
And close the doors I once went through
My heart would then belong to me
And you...a forgotten memory.



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used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved