I reach up, take Freedom's hand

And walk across this great land.

I talked with Freedom as we walked

And listened intently as She talked.



She told me things I didn't know,

About where She's been, and where She'd go.

She held the hands of 7,000 Marines on Iwo

Who lay down their lives 58 years ago.



She flew, not alone, in cockpits of 29's

With aviators a long way from home,

And flew 1500 miles back with them

Across the heaving seas and beckoning foam.



And as I walked, She held my hand.

Her grip was warm and strong,

For Freedom is still alive in this land,

And She yet fights against the wrong.



Today's date is nine one one of 2002.

Does Freedom walk with you?

Freedom still grips my hand,

And leads me through this land!



Freedom is a precious friend,

And will be to the end.

I'll always "play the man"

As long as Freedom holds my hand.


Copyright C. Douglas Caffey
All Rights Reserved 



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