Equal amounts of hope and desire,

Add to that - anticipation!

Sometimes brings about a feeling

Commonly called 'Frustration'!



When things don't come about as we had hoped...

Even though we try and try,

Our desire wanes and all we have left

Is just wanting to sit down and cry!


Frustration comes when we can't seem

To accomplish that simple little chore;

Frustration takes hold and won't let go,

Even though we try some more!



Inadequate for the job at hand...

Not accomplishing the smallest goal -

Feelings of utter uselessness -

It tears at the very soul!

Hope and desire are not enough, say I...

For soon we feel great agitation!

We've all had this feeling deep inside...

Its known as ... sheer frustration!


But don't give up and don't give in!

It never comes to stay!

Try one more time and you might win

As frustration fades away!


Copyright Carole McLaughlin Worthley
All Rights Reserved 


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