God made this very earth my dear,

So many years ago,

And then upon it placed some life,

And it began to grow.


He waited several billion years,

Then brought your birth to light,

He made your smile as bright as day,

Your hair, as dark as night.


He made your eyes more beautiful,

Than Heaven's brightest star,

He made your voice, from the softest breeze,

That whispers near and far.


He made your teeth to match the pearls,

That lie within the sea.

Came from the sweetness of the flower,

Your personality.


He took the nicest jewel I know,

The Ruby bright and red,

To just create your tender lips,

Then put you back to bed.


He sprinkled you with sunshine,

He sprinkled you with gold,

He sprinkled you with stardust,

So you would not grow old.


He also threw in sadness,

And mixed it up with tears,

Then made it up with happiness,

To last the coming years,


And so I thank dear God today,

For giving birth to you

And promise to stay by your side

And be forever true.


used by permission
Copyright Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 
written at age 16



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