Do you know what's happening,
Perhaps you haven't seen,
A calendar that tells you,
It will soon be Halloween,
This is a night for trick or treat,
And you intend to go,
Before you do, think this thing through,
There's things that you should know,
This is a night when ghosts come out,
You'll hear them shout at you,
The terrifying sound they make,
Each time they holler boo........
It's Halloween that MONSTERS dance,
They'll take you by surprise,
For Halloween belongs to them,
To get their exercise.
The night is filled with Faces,
That will scare you half to death,
Or as you ask for candy,
You can feel a monster's breath,
This is a night for mummies too,
They rise to take a walk,
They'll frighten you so badly,
You can scarcely, even talk,
The bats and spiders, creepy things,
They all come out tonight,
Taking opportunities,
To offer up some fright.
Do not trust a single soul,
You see upon the streets,
Guys like Ronald McDonald,
Will try to take your treats,
Even friendly pumpkins,
That are cute by light of day,
On porches sit, with candles lit,
To frighten you away.
Witches over cauldrons,
Stirring potions, strong and hot,
Hoping trick or treaters come,
To dip into their pot,
So they can make a witch of you,
It only takes a spoon,
And you will climb aboard a broom,
And fly off to the moon.
There's places you should never go,
Though tempted, teased and taunted,
For many houses on each street,
I've heard are really haunted.
You'll see skulls and skeletons,
That put you in a trance,
For some you see, on Halloween,
Will even do a dance.
If you're out, doin' trick or treat,
So filled with fright and fear,
Perhaps someone will come to you,
And say, "come, hop on dear."
Believe me when I tell you true,
With words I will not spare,
You're safer if you stay at home,
In your rockin', "rockin' chair"
I know you won't take my advice,
Even should I shout and yell,
But should you trick or treat too long,
Just stop at some Motel.
Happy Halloween
Ron Bliss
used by permission
Copyright Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 
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