There I was alone in my house
When across my kitchen ran a little brown mouse.
I ran to the closet to get me a broom,
But all I saw there was a dark empty room!

I started outside to get me a stick--
I'd deliver that mouse an old-fashioned lick--
But when my eyes glared out into the night,
They were met with a terribly unnerving sight!

A very strange shadow was crossing the moon.
(If I never see that again, it will be too soon!)
Then I heard a blood-curling howl
And there weren't any trees so it wasn't an owl!

That was enough to scare this old girl!
Back into the house I ran in a whirl!
Nary a sound slipped past my lips
Nor a movement beyond my white fingertips!

I peered through my window to see what I could see...
And...whoa!  Is that a vampire running for me?
A shiny black cape adorned his small frame;
His hair looked wet--like he'd been in the rain!
Red stuff was dripping from his pointed white teeth!
Could it be me that he wanted to eat?


Just behind him was something dancing around...
Could that that a clown
Jumping and darting and pushing his way?
I could see clearly now-- a clown?  I say!

Close on that vampire's heels a goblin I saw,

And lo' behind him came one tiny paw.
A wee small pup, but not on all fours--
Oh no!  Not him!  On his fat little tummy-he rolled to my door!

So tiny was he his voice just a squeak!
Why, he couldn't even say, "Trick or Treat!"




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