I've never met this old boy, St. Nick,
But the story I've heard I'll not soon forget.
I was told not to fret Santa coming to town--
Ole' Santa got careless and went and fell down!
He caught his white beard on the chimney flue
And can't get untangled to visit me or see you.
I heard that he screamed and he 'hollered so loud
His wails and his cries soon drew a crowd.
While the crowd watched in horror at ole' Santa stuck,
His reindeer on the roof were running amuck.
In spite of his kicking and stirring around,
Chimney soot was the only thing that came down.
Feeling sorry for a Santa in such a bad way
And worried that Christmas was fast fading away,
The crowd tried to set ole' Santa Claus free!
They pulled and they tugged, but what lay below they still couldn't see!
Finally, a thud and ole' Santa popped out!
His rescuers aghast-they let out a shout!
His snow white beard was totally black
And so was the suit that he wore on his back!
His face was covered with ashes and soot
And his fat little belly was black when it shook.
Through the leg of his suit stuck a shiny black knee;
On his face not a speck of white did they see
Save for an occasional sheepish white grin!
Was Santa all black before he went and fell in?
The look of surprise on everyone's face
Told Santa the crowd now questioned his race.
Ole' Santa laughed and jumped in his sleigh...
In a blink of an eye, he was off and away!
"What about Santa?" the crowd begged to know.
"Tell us your secret before you leave us to go!"
From the back of his sleigh as his reindeer took flight,
You could hear him say as he flew out of sight:
"Santa lives in the hearts of all men (in a manner of speaking),
And little girls and boys of all colors will be peeking
To get a glimpse of ole' Santa and few of his toys!
After all, little girls are just girls and boys…well, boys will be boys!
Santa isn't about the color of skin--
Santa is a feeling that comes from within!
The color of Santa is in the eyes that behold!"
And that's the whole story…or so I've been told!


Copyright © Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 



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