To disbelieve, I guess that's alright,

God gave us free will, to choose what is right.


I believe, oh yes I do!

Walk with me, look through my eyes,

and see God like I do.


The gentle wind, God's personal whisper.

Just so you know, that's Summer's twin sister.

Winter slumber, earth needs its rest,

Only God could do that, for He knows best.

In contrast, summer heat,

to watch seed pods burst open, life complete.

Don't forget spring, when He awakens new life.

See His Glory, I know I'm not mistaken.

During Fall, the world slows its pace.

Can you see God's wonders taking place?

Kaleidoscope of colors, the beautiful hues,

He's given them, to all of you.

To see such beauty, look left, look right.

How could you possibly not believe?

That's alright, but remember, those who do not believe,

God gave you that right.

These poems used with the permission of the poet
who wishes to remain 
The Mystery Writer 
but you may contact the poet by clicking on the email button.


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