I'm Keeping My Rifle Clean



Since the towers came down

In New York's town,

I'm a veteran, old and mean,

And I'm keeping my rifle clean!


A veteran of seventy-five years'

Who's seen a good many tears,

But even now has no fears,

And I'm keeping my rifle clean!


For if Ben Ladin thinks he can hide,

He's in for a big surprise.

In Afghanistan he has been seen,

And I'm keeping my rifle clean.


I'm waiting for Uncle to call

Wanting me with my gun.

Then I'll gladly don my uniform,

And with my rifle run.


Old veterans still can shoot

Even if sour and mean,

My uniform may be too small,

But I'm keeping my rifle clean!


---Still patriotic but ready

to answer the call is

C. Douglas Caffey

SN 14177077


Copyright C. Douglas Caffey
All Rights Reserved 



Background music 
~ You're A Grand Old Flag~
performed by Brenda Jolly 

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