Iíd like to be the one with whom,

You share your daily life,

To be your friend, companion and,

The one that calls you wife,


I want to give you love and joy,

Like youíve not known before,

To share all things, both good and bad,

That this life holds in store,


To be there, everyday for you,

To take you by the hand,

To walk with you, to talk with you,

To help you understand,


That in this world, there is no one,

Could love you more than me,

For I alone, with all my love,

Can set your spirit free,


No one can love you, like I do,

Not one, could ever share,

More feelings from the heart and soul,

To let you know they care,


Iím yours you know, and I will be,

From this day, evermore,

Because I love you more than life,

Youíre all that I adore.

used by permission
Copyright © Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 




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