Dear Friends,

While walking down the path of life,
I fell today!
I came upon a rocky spot, but
why I fell, I cannot say!

I tried to step on over -
go around that awful place,
But I couldn't seem to shake its hold,
and fell down...flat upon my face!

And, as I fell, the blackness came
And with it, deep despair
For who would soothe my hurt, my pain?
Would there be a friend prepared to share?

But not a friend was there for me,
Nor an angel overhead.
Not a soul to help me through...
I might as well be dead!

To be dead, to leave behind the pain;
Perhaps that would be best for me!
No more sorrow, guilt, remorse
Better if I ceased to be?

I held on a little longer,
Hope against hope, and then...
I heard a gentle whisper,
The soothing murmurs of a friend!

I fell today!
Oh, the pain, the darkness, the despair!
I fell today, but it wasn't tragic...
A special friend was there!

My friend took me by the hand
And helped me pass that place.
My friend gave me courage
Again the world to face!

That friendship saved me...
I was not down to stay!
I'm again ready to face this life,
But still...I fell today!

~ Carole McLaughlin ~
     January, 2001

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