If you were my Valentine,

Do you know what Id do?

Id draw you close, look in your eyes,

And tell how I love you.


If you were my Valentine,

My heart would never rest,

Until you understood my love,

And how Im so obsessed.


With you, yes you, and all you are,

I want you to be mine,

My only happiness is if,

You are my Valentine.


If you were my Valentine,

Id do all I could do,

To bring you joy and happiness,

With love, your whole life through.


Id be there morning, noon and night,

Of each and every day,

To share and care, to live and love,

And dream our lives away.


My heart alone, is half a heart,

I look now for a sign,

That will reveal, your love for me,

Please be my Valentine.

used by permission
Copyright Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 


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