It stands tall, overlooking the sea;
This lovely place that shelters me.
I gaze at the world with a feeling of power
From the balcony of our own Ivory Tower.

Peaceful water, so far below,
Vessels gracefully following its flow.
Sleek and beautiful, large and small,
Heading homeward as dusk begins to fall.

The breezes cool the torrid air
And from my tower, I can only stare
As the surrounding cities become alight,
As day turns into sweet tropic night.

The world spreads out before me
As life's view at last I see.
My path is known, the way is clear,
For my love has brought me here.

Here where love and joy reside,
Here with true love by my side.
Beauty and peace my heart invade
In this Ivory Tower our love has made!




used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved 



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