The Lake Lies Quietly Now,
Kissing the shore of the king.
Tranquility reigns in that ancient land...
No sound of battle doth the gentle breeze bring.

But long ago a battle raged,
Blood was shed by knights so brave.
And at the end, a mighty king lie dying,
His precious life could not be saved.

and so, the legend tells us,
King Arthur gave orders to his man
To take his sword and cast it
"Out into the lake, as far as ye can!"

king Arthur's sword, once embedded in stone,
Pulled free by Arthur's own hand,
Encrusted with jewels, holding magic powers,
‘Twas known throughout the land!

Mighty Excalibur, sword of Arthur, the king!
Winning battles time after time!
To Arthur, a kingdom the sword did bring
Serving Arthur well, throughout his prime!

And, so it was that sir bedivere
With heavy heart and tearful eyes
Approached the lake with sword in hand
And gave one last, fierce battle cry!

Sir bedivere cast Excalibur with all his strength
Out to the middle of the lake...
Never again would the sword be held,
Never again a life would it take!

As the mighty sword sailed into the morning sun
An awesome sight did appear...
A Vision of beauty rose up from the lake
And sir bedivere wondered - could it be guinevere?

Was he dreaming?  or, was he awake?
He really couldn't be sure.
Was guinevere the lady of the lake?
King arthur's lost love so lovely, so pure...

With graceful arch of her beautiful form,
Silvery arm raised high, a smiling face...
She caught Excalibur with effortless ease,
Then slowly sank down into the water's embrace.

The lady of the lake, so beautiful to behold,
Drifted slowly, with hair spread all around her.
Gathering fallen leaves and water lilies before finally sinking out of sight
I'm told they looked for years, but never have they found her!

And so, the lake lies quiet now...
The knight, the king, the lady are all gone.
But sometimes in the stillness of the night
Upon the breeze comes their legendary song...

If you listen...a clash of swords, Excalibur singing...
A Battle cry, a king's dying words...
Water lilies floating on the gentle waves...
The lady of the lake's song can still be heard.


used by permission
Copyright © Carole McLaughlin





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