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a copy of the graphic above
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I have had so many requests for people
wanting me to print this and mail to them and
I will be glad to but I must charge a
small amount to do so.  See below for details.

SPECIAL NOTE:  I have created an 8X10
graphic of the above.  If you need me to email it to you let me know.  You should have no problems printing it out yourself. 
But if you are unable to print a copy
 and would like for me to mail one to you,
I will have to charge enough to cover my expenses and mailing.


I use Kodak Professional Paper and the paper,
ink and shipping are very costly. 

Much to my regret 
 if you need me to print it and mail to you
there will be a $10.00 charge.

This will be an 8X10 High Gloss
Professional Quality Photo
suitable for framing.




The Beautiful music playing is
"Just As I Am"
by Brenda Jolly

The photograph of the Dogwood
and the graphic above
made by  BBM Designs


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