Let's Be Friends

"Let's be friends," he said,
And she agreed.
"Friends for always!" she added,
"But still we'll both be free!"

So they became the best of friends.
And through the years, it's true
He had his life and she had hers
But still their friendship grew.

"I've found true love," he told her.
"As have I, my friend."
Still their friendship flourished.
Both reluctant to see it end.

"It didn't work out," was his sad story.
"I've lost my love," she cried.
So he took her in his arms
And asked if she would be his bride.

"But we are friends," was her protest.
"How can we live as man and wife?"
He just smiled and pulled her close,
Hoping his friend would share his life!

"Friendship first and then the love.
How could we have been so blind?
Friendship nestled in our hearts
And love came close behind."

"Be my love," said he.
She smiled, "Yes, for we belong together!"
And so it came to be that day
That love and friendship joined their hearts forever.


used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved 


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