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What is Linkware?

The term Linkware refers to background sets that may be used 
on personal web sites, that are not commercial,
at no monetary charge to you.  
But, a link must be placed on the SAME PAGE 
as the rest of the set and linked back to BBM Designs.
Most times a logo for BBM Designs is provided for you to use,
as well as a logo for any artist, whose work is used.


Rules Of Use


The background sets/photographs/art work and graphics found on the following pages are for your use.  
There is no money charge for these sets.
But there are 

Rules Of Use

If you use any of the items in these pages, I ask that you:

~ Please right click on tiles and accessories and save to disk or your hard-drive

~ Use the logo provided and link to:

~ Send me the URL where the set is used so I can visit you~

Also if a particular artist's painting is used to make the set,
there will be a logo button provided that

be used and linked back to the artist.

  Some sets do not include Guest Book but if you want a Guest Book, additional buttons or a Title for your page, email me and I will be glad to make them for you.  If you need help setting up tables etc. please email me and I will be glad to help you.   There is no charge for this with the free sets.


The sets listed below are the original sets created by

Backgrounds by Martha

Sometimes original photos by me or others were used -
Sometimes mouse drawn graphics made by me were used -
Sometimes graphics made by me were used -
Sometimes graphics found on the internet,
 that did not seem to have or need a credit given,
 were used -

If you see anything that you know belongs to someone else
please contact me and let me know so I can either get their
permission to use and give them credit or remove from the site.

Most pages are set to open in a different window, 
but if not, just use your 
back browser button to return to this page!


My Music Room

Looking For Love

Rose II - Oil Digital Painting

Rose In Blue Window

Stained Glass Rose

Stained Glass 2

Stained Glass 3

Summer Place

Wonder Years

Unicorn In Snow

Sharing Secrets

Tell Me A Story

Afternoon Delight

Blue Butterfly

Visiting Cousin

Australian Sunset

Fall Colors

To Grandma's House

Victorian Snow Scene

Golden Girl

Birds and Ribbons

Mouse In Cup

Stained Glass Side Border 1

Christmas Background 1

Christmas Candle

Angel Girl With Pansies

Angel Girl

Angel Wings (1)

Angel Wings (2)

Angel Wings (3)

Birds In A Gilded Cage

Clowns 1

Welcome To My World (Ballerina)

Best Friends

Parade Of Colors

Frog Mouth

Side Border Blue Butterfly


Victorian Lady

NA Scene 1

Clowns 2

Ballerina Rose

Dance Ballerina Dance

Lady Of The Lake

Pink Rose (mouse drawn)

Butterfly on leaf

NC Sunset

Embossed Flowers

Yellow Roses

Red Roses

Spring Flowers

Rainbow Roses

A Rose


A Yellow Rose

Sweetheart Roses

Red Roses in Vase

Red Floral

Blue Roses

Yellow Flowers In Cart


Misc Original - Side Border and Bars


Most all the graphics, photos, pictures and other items used in the making of the background sets are made by me or credit is given to the artist.  If ever you see something that you think belongs to you, please email me and I will either take it off the site or give you credit for the graphic.  I know how much time and effort I spend making the background tiles, the buttons, bars and graphics and I don't mind anyone using them but it hurts to see someone else take credit for my hard work and I would never want to hurt another that way.  
Respect is a two-way street!


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