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What is Linkware?

The term Linkware refers to background sets that may be used 
on personal web sites, that are not commercial,
at no monetary charge to you.  
But, a link must be placed on the SAME PAGE 
as the rest of the set and linked back to BBM Designs.
Most times a logo for BBM Designs is provided for you to use,
as well as a logo for any artist, whose work is used.


Rules Of Use


All background sets in this section are made by me using, either photographs that I have taken, family photographs
 or graphics I have made.

I ask that you follow The Rules Of Use and that you
do not take these sets apart nor claim them
as your own.

Rules Of Use

If you use any of the items in these pages, I ask that you:

~ Please right click on tiles and accessories and save to disk or your hard-drive

~ Use the logo provided and link to:

~ Send me the URL where the set is used so I can visit you~

Please note:

  Some sets do not include Guest Book or even a full set of buttons but if you want a Guest Book, 
additional buttons or a Title for your page, 
email me and I will be glad to make them for you.  
If you need help setting up tables etc. please email me and I will be glad to help you.   
There is no charge for this with the link ware sets.

Most pages are set to open in a different window, 
but if not, just use your 
back browser button to return to this page!

Web TV is a very different creature from other computers as any of you know who build web sets for Web TV users.  I have tried in this section to do Web TV compatible layered sets and also single layer sets for those who need them.  The Web TV web sets will also lay out and look right on regular computer screens.  They will look a little different but at least they do look like a set should look.  LOL  If you want or need extra buttons made or a title button made for a set, please contact me.  There is no charge to do that.

I ask that you follow The Rules Of Use and that you
do not take these sets apart nor claim them
as your own.

Web TV Background Sets

Rain Drops


Night Dreams



Valentine Love



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