The day is over, it's time for dreams.
Little Friends are tucked in tight.
They've laughed and played throughout the day
And now they'll sleep throughout the night.

Little Friends, their hearts entwined;
Their love is endless, day after day.
Little Friends, always together
To love, to laugh, to grow, to play.

He is her knight in shining armor;
She is his queen of games and fun.
He will be loyal to her forever!
This love they'll share 'til life is done.

Little Friends, now to sleep, to dream,
After your sweet day together.
Tomorrow you can play again.
Little Friends will be Little friends - forever!
This poem was written by Carole McLaughlin.
This background set was created by Sharon at Ice Dreams.
These were created special just for Rilee and Hannah..
Thank you my special friends!