I see the mountain, majestic and stern
reaching toward the clouds sublime.
my limbs, my soul begin to burn
as I prepare to climb.

To climb my mountain takes all my strength,
takes my heart, my very soul.
to climb so high to life unknown
will surely take it's toll.

life is never smooth and easy
and I somehow lost my way.
the mountain looms there before me
but I cannot climb today.

lost before I reach the summit
lost amid the drudge of living.
lost am I in daily woes
and my mountain, unforgiving.

which way to turn, which path to choose,
I can't decide how I should go.
for I am lost here on the trail
and see the blackness there below.

I am lost halfway through life
don't quite know what to do.
lost in living, in daily strife,
lost in dreams, 'Tis true!

but I shall choose a path real soon
and continue on my way.
I shall move on up through this life
no longer lost beyond today!

used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved 

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