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Love Story
(a tale of youth)

'Twas barely past my 10th year,
only a wee lad was I then;
as playfully I leaped away
into chilled waters
to quickly join a friend,
from a heaving small craft
I quickly felt,
a sting across my brow,
'twas the slap of coldest water
that surely had taken me now!
Swiftly as the bottom rose,
eyes opened with breath now lost;
yet fear had never taken me;
'twas God who planned my course.
As currents spun my body limp,
a clutching hand I gripped,
that pulled me to the freshness
of clean air I quickly sipped.
So pretty was she, I now recall
and to show that all was well
I braved a wee and silent nod,
now captured by her spell.
And then she smiled
and caressed my face,
as I filled with passions sure;
and began to savor
the taste of love,
the feast of life's great lure!


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used by permission
Copyright H.J. Gaudreau
All Rights Reserved 

Background music 
~ "I Wish You Love" ~
performed by Hector John Gaudreau. 
Please visit his web site
 Fireside melodies for Lovers