Misty Mountain Morning...

Clouds forming, full of tears.

I Can feel its mystic sadness,

Adding to my fears.


Darkness envelopes our world...

Danger lurks in the flash of light!

The mountain booms its anger,

The angels have taken flight!


Stormy mountain morning,

Filled with fear and pain.

Will it always be unforgiving!

Will we see its sunny face again?


Clouds empty - moving on.

The mood is changing now.

Fingers of sunlight dance like childish laughter.

The mountain manages a smile somehow.


And, as we watch, that smile bursts forth!

Brilliant sunshine floods its face!

The mood has shifted on the mountain,

And it cloaks itself in tree top velvet and leafy lace.


As the day progresses, happiness invades the land.

The mountain mood holds true.

Its face is bathed in color now...

Sunshine, trees and sky of blue.


Time approaches when all must rest.

And, with her crown of pink and gray,

Our mountain mood turns thoughtful

as night replaces day!


Time elapses, flowing swiftly

like the gurgling mountain stream.

We witness all the mountain mood swings

Before lying down...To sleep - to dream.



Copyright Carole McLaughlin Worthley
All Rights Reserved 





Photograph by 
Carole McLaughlin Worthley
used with permission

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