You still got the Grumps?
Down in the dumps?
Just can't find a way to get over the humps?
No matter what you do, you still got the slumps?
Don't let 'em get you down!
You gotta' turn 'em around!
Tell 'em to get lost--to leave right away!
Tell 'em they're really gettin' in your way
And if they don't leave today
You're gonna' make 'em pay--
They're not welcome anymore!
Show them the door!
Grumps have a way of pulling you down;
Next time they come tell 'em they better leave town!"
Then give 'em the address of the nearest zoo--
Tell 'em they'll find other Grumps there, too.
Bid them farewell and watch as they leave--
You never can tell when they've got something up their sleeve!
After they've gone, get some 'no trespassing' signs:
"It might be a dump, but this dump is all mine!
No Grumps allowed!  They take up my time!
So RUN all you Grumps...I'm leaving you behind!"

Copyright Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 



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