This page is dedicated to the men and women in blue who put their lives on the line everyday so we can sleep easier at night and to the families they leave behind that live in fear of the phone or doorbell ringing and hearing the words
"There has been an accident-----"
Only For The Brave
~ J.S. Schilling ~

When all is said and done
And our duty ends like the evening sun
We sometime forget
That there is a person
Behind the badge and gun.

With bronze and brawn
We answer the charge of call,
But it is our heart that gives it all
And it is the soul that feels the pain
When one of us innocently does refrain.

For there comes a moment in time
For which we can not understand
Its reason or rhyme,
That wounds those well-born in blue
For them whose essence is true.

So when our intrepid brother
Does with valence lapse,
We take this moment after
To express a sincere thought
"That because you were here
The world is a better place
For which you have so bravely fought"
Written for
Officer Timothy Hartsell
of the Charleston Police Department