1974 - 1989

My little dog has gone away,

I miss him more each day,

He was a joy to be around,

Why did he go away?


He wasn't much to look at

Since he started getting old,

But he was my companion and

Was worth his weight in gold.


His back was humped; his legs were stiff,

His teeth were nearly gone,

But I sure miss that little dog,

Since he has traveled on.


I scratched his back and rubbed his ears,

And he would almost smile,

His big brown eyes would seem to say,

"Please rub me for awhile".


He loved it by the register,

Where he would bask in heat,

Then when the furnace finished

He was pleading at my feet,


To share the chair, wherein I sat,

Till evening was, but gone.

I sure do miss that little dog,

Since he has traveled on.


He shared my chair; he shared my lap,

He begged when we would eat,

And even when I went to bed,

He slept there at my feet.


At times, when he would make a mess,

Somewhere, here on the floor,

I'd scold and he would cower down,

As if to say, " no more".


He lived with me 14 plus years,

But that time now is gone,

I sure do miss my little dog,

Since he has traveled on.


He was protective of his yard,

His house and family,

He'd bark and snap, and threaten,

If you raised a hand at me.


He did not care for mailmen

Or kids that came to call,

And there were several people

That he never liked at all.


Hed bluff them with his mighty bark,

Much greater than his size,

So they would sense the fearlessness,

Displayed in teeth and eyes.




Hed chase a dog, four times his size,

That ventured on our lawn,

I sure do miss that little dog,

Since he has traveled on.


When I came home, his tail would wag,

Hed greet me at the door,

I'd pick him up and rub his ears,

His eyes would beg for more.


He'd hear the jingle of my keys,

When I would go away,

And somehow, he could always sense,

If he would go or stay.


If I came in and placed my coat,

Across the couch or chair,

He'd crawl inside to snuggle up,

Then take it, I'd not dare.


He's been a friend through all these years,

That I cannot describe,

And now that he has gone away,

It hurts me deep inside.


He trusted me without a doubt,

He loved me to the end,

I know that I will never have,

A closer, dearer friend.


The love and trust he gave to me,

Was not contingent on,

The favors I could do for him,

But now my dog is gone.


For 14 years we shared the chair,

The bed and meals too,

So now that he's not here with me,

I don't know what to do.


I'm lonesome now that he is gone,

I miss that dog of mine,

I wish I could see him again

And hear him bark and whine.


I buried him beneath the ground,

Where birds and chipmunks play,

His memory will never fade,

I see him everyday.


I will remember him with love,

Until my time is gone,

I sure do miss my little dog,

Since he has traveled on.


used by permission
Copyright Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 



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