Born in the seventies...
 Child of love, a child of joy!
Growing strong, learning to walk...
He was my darling baby boy!

Riding bikes and struggling with math,
Years flew by and how he grew!
A charming smile, a love of life...
A quiet, serious boy, 'tis true!

A teenager, learning to drive;
Spinning pizza at the corner shop...
Charming the girls with his boyish grin
And teasing his sister 'til I'd make him stop.

He entered the Navy at seventeen,
Looking for adventure on the sea.
When he left home, I cried a lot...
My son, the man, but still a boy to me!

And now he's joined up once again
To do his part, because of 9-11.
He has been called and he must go...
My angel child - my gift from Heaven!

The time of  fear and death approaches
Oh, Lord, what have we done?
We've sent these boys to fight a war...
Sent each mother's son!

And so we impatiently wait.
And while we wait, we pray...
For the return of each and every man-child
That these times have taken away.

Please, God, watch o'er my boy...
Guide him safely 'til his job is done!
Bring him home to those who love him...
This man - this child - my precious son!

Written by Carole McLaughlin
for her son David.
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