My love, I have not wealth to give you

On this St. Valentines day.

No jewels, no silver, gold - or even coins

That I could give away.


I have not found a gift

That is worthy, dear, of you.

All I have is a heart full of love;

I hope that this will do!


Jewels I cannot give, dear one;

They are a perfect gift, I’m told.

But they could never prove my love,

For jewels are hard and cold.


Silver shines, as do my eyes

When you look upon my face.

So look deep and long, my dearest,

And let my eyes take the silver’s place.


Others offer gifts of gold

And gold - well, priceless it may be.

But what I give is priceless too...

All my devotion and all my loyalty.


Nor have I coins or other gifts

That so many lovers may bestow.

But, I do have something just for you,

So that my love you’ll know.


On this special lovers day, I give you ‘words’...

My every waking thought they crowd.

And as I write them here for you,

I long to shout them right out loud!


I love you with all my heart and soul;

Please be my valentine!

I give to you the wealth of love,

To keep tucked within your heart ‘til the end of time!



Copyright © Carole McLaughlin Worthley
All Rights Reserved 



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