Ode To A Friend


When you find I've gone away
I wonder what then you'll say?
Will you smile tho' I'm not here
And shed not just one lonely tear?
Can you take comfort in the dark
And know that I was in your heart?
If not in your thoughts I dwell,
How would you know you'd loved me well?

When I am now no longer near,
Will your heart be free and clear
Or would you know within your heart
That you really had not done your part?

Will you miss that I'm around
Or will my absence get you down?
How could I know each lonely plea
Could not be heard from bended knee?

What will you do when I am gone?
Will you admit that you were wrong -
That you were filled with too much greed
To be a friend to a friend in need?
And if I tarry longer still
Will 'later' always be your will?
Will I always have to wait
Until a more convenient date?

If I came back today,
Do you think you'd find a way
To share your time
And make it mine?

What will you think of?
Will it be love
Or will it be shame and disgrace
When next you see my face?

If tomorrow you hear my name,
Will your heart still feel the same,
Or would the mention cause you pain
And all my tears would be in vain?

Would you feel guilt and wish you'd known
Our time together was not our own?
Would your choice have been different then?
Would you have been a better friend?

used by permission
Copyright Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 



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