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Ole Matt
and His Beloved Horse, "Dobbins"


If ya wanna know 'bout Ole Matt
I'll be the first to give ya a clue!
Ole Matt was a pistol;
a rowdy old gent
whose patience was lacking,
that's true!

On the day Ole Matt was married
His horse on a wet road did slip.
Though it bothered him none
he spoke the word "one,"
and with his new bride,
continued his trip.

Then when the horse again stumbled,
he shouted loudly, "That's two!"
then continued along his way.
But ole Dobbins was in trouble
When again he dared stumble
So Ole Matt shot him -- blew him away!

That caused Ole Matt's bride
to start screaming...
so loud the whole world could hear;
she shouted and shouted,
"You did it for fun,"
'twas anger that filled her, not fear!

But Ole Matt was fed up,
'twas too hot in the sun,
and still a long way from home;
so he raised up his gun,
smiled broadly in fun (?)
and to his new bride whispered,

"That's one!"


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used by permission
Copyright H.J. Gaudreau
All Rights Reserved 

Background music 
~ "Old Gray Mare" ~
performed by Hector John Gaudreau. 
Please visit his web site
 Fireside melodies for Lovers


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