While looking at old photographs,

My mind soon lost its way,

Along a foggy, winding path,

That led to yesterday,


Now times and thoughts, long miles ago,

Have overtaken me,

Till memories, what used to be,

Are all that I now see,


In motion slow, much off the pace,

I watch life passing by,

My days then filled with life and love,

Warm days, bright sun, blue sky,


I spent time, unaccounted for,

Enjoying yesterday,

Traveling through each memory,

So long and far away,


I am not sure, what brought me back,

I wish, Iíd longer stayed,

Still I am ever, thankful for,

My yesterdays, replayed,


Tomorrow if Iím looking for,

Events to fill a slot,

Perhaps Iíll look at photographs,

And times my mindís forgot.

used by permission
Copyright © Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 




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