August 6, 1945

P O W's


There are some POW's that I know,

And they are special folk;

I am silent in their presence

And was silent when they spoke.


If you look into the eyes of a POW

You'll see what you never saw,

For deep down within their soul

There is a scene no man can draw!


To the edge of Hell, they've been

And some of their friends fell in;

Now they have been released

To start life all over again!


I saw in the year 2002

Four POW's who sat among others,

Glad they were, to be alive

Among their fighting brothers.


When I spoke of the 509th

Loosing the "Thin Man".

On August 6 of '45

Over Hiroshima, Japan;


These strong men wept

And said to all.

That they again took hope

When the "Thin Man" did fall!


I heard a big tall POW man,

Looking forty veterans in their eyes,

Read the very paper that he wrote

While in his cell, planning his demise!


No dry eyes here for men who

Dared to look death in the face, and live,

Yet ready and willing to pay the price,

For Freedom, and their all to give!


I salute them all,

Those POW's who stand so tall,

And pledge my self to remember,

Those who stand, and those who fall!


Copyright C. Douglas Caffey
All Rights Reserved 

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