The first one I selected

Was verbose in every way.

The second one did not express

The thought I'd like to say.


The third had too much color,

And was very, very gaudy.

I blushed a bit because the next,

Was really kind of naughty.


One I chose seemed out of style,

Another somehow trite.

The approach of one was formal,

Too stiff and too polite.


Another cost ten dollars,

That's more than I would pay.

For if I spent that on a card,

Then you'd have much to say.


Having read through nearly all

It seemed, there wasn't any,

When at last, I spied a card,

It only cost a penny.


A simple phrase, a big red heart,

Not much to cause a fuss.

It spoke of Love, pure and innocent,

This card was really us.


 used by permission
Copyright Ron Bliss
All Rights Reserved 


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