There once was a little boy named Austin

Who had the cutest grin,

I called him my 'sweetie pie'...and he called me his friend!

His Mommy was my ‘special’ daughter who shared her boys with me.

My ‘special’ grandchildren every one—in all they numbered three!

Austin was his Mommy's first born…and she loved him so much!

Nothing in the world can soothe like a Mommy's loving touch—

A special connection between Mother and Son—

That feeling in the heart that connects them as one.


Many years passed and over the years

Austin's Mommy had more little dears--

Sometimes they brought laughter--sometimes they brought tears...

But through thick and thin, Austin loved every last one!

He tried his best to be a good son!

He helped out his Mommy so she could get rest

And he watched his little brothers and cleaned up their mess!

His Mommy had taught him what they should not--and what they should--

And she always kissed him and told him to be good!


One bleak and cold winter day

Austin and his brothers went out to play.

Mommy had told them not to stray very far

And if they got lost, "Just stay where you are,"

But Austin was seven and he knew the way--

He walked to school that way every day.

Soon the wind was howling and it started to snow...

Austin told his brothers, "We better go!

You know Mommy and how she worries so!"

He'd never think of leaving them alone

So off they all went to find their way home.

With big brother Austin trailing behind,

Getting them home to Mommy was all on his mind.

Suddenly one of the boys remembered his toy in the yard.

He wanted 'just that toy' and started to cry really hard.

"It's okay," Austin said, "you go on ahead...

Ask Mommy to give you some cookies and put you to bed.

I'll be along as soon as I can.

Tell Mommy to leave the door open so I can get in!"


The boys were now safe at their own front door

And he was pretty sure they didn't need him anymore,

So Austin turned 'round and ran back in the snow

As fast as his little feet would go!

It was snowing so hard now he could barely see

And time after time he fell on his knee,

But he reminded himself, "Mommy's counting on me!"

He knew he should turn back and go home to bed,

But he kept thinking that toy lay hidden just ahead.

He said to himself, "I've just gotta' find that toy in this snow...

As soon as I find it I promise I'll go..."

But by now the snow was getting real deep

And Austin could feel his feet falling asleep.

Everywhere he looked was a sheet of white

And to make it worse it was almost night,

But Austin kept looking for that special toy.

He knew back at home was a sad little boy

Who would need his toy at bedtime that night.

Without this toy, his brother just couldn't sleep tight!


It was really cold now and walking was hard.

Suddenly he was seeing shadows in every corner of the yard.

Under every rise in the snow he thought lay that toy...

Searching and still searching --he was, after all, Mommy's good boy.

Just about when he was ready to give up,

He saw one tiny ear of that little toy pup

Sticking out from under a mound of pure white snow.

He grabbed that toy up, shook it, and turned 'round to go--

Back toward Mommy and his house warm like the sun

As fast as his half frozen legs could run!

Finally he was at the door, but....the door was locked!

Cold, wet, shivering, but still clutching that toy he knocked...and he knocked!


He could see his Mommy warm and cozy inside.

She was feeding the baby --her newest little pride.

His brothers were playing and running about

And here he was outside completely locked out!

Again he knocked...and he knocked yet again!

He yelled and he screamed, "Mommy, please let me in!"

But nary a sound from his lips could be heard!

Was it they who could not hear him? …or was it he who could not utter a word?

"Yes," Austin thought, "there's my brother! He's looking at me!

He'll let me in--he knows I don't have a key."

As he looked through the door, "It's me!" Austin pleaded, "See?"

He even held up that worn out old toy

Thinking his brother would be filled with joy,

But his brother just smiled and kept running around

Making so much noise Mommy couldn't hear any other sound!


Was his little mouth frozen with cold or with fear?

Why, oh why, couldn't he make Mommy hear?

He could barely see now--the glass was so glazed;

His little body was cold and his mind --it felt dazed;

His feet were half frozen and his hands couldn't feel

He could see every breath and it didn't look real!

His knees were slowly beginning to give way

He wondered if he would have to stay out all day?

His eyes were so heavy he could barely stay ‘wake...

He could just see the clock inside on the wall--it said '8'!

Austin thought, "Oh, Mommy, please hear me now…it’s getting so late.

I don’t know how much longer I can stand here and wait!"


Suddenly his Mommy stopped in her tracks!

She jumped up from her chair! She looked out the back...

She listened as if there were no other sound!

Austin thought, "Is she looking for me?" Yes, she was looking around...

She ran upstairs and she ran back down!

As he waited outside in the cold all alone

Mommy had realized her boy wasn't home!

That special connection between Mother and Son--

That feeling in the heart that connects them as one—

Had told her he needed her and he needed her bad!

The look in her eyes was incredibly sad--

Her face was contorted in panic and pain!

With fear in her voice, she was calling his name!

"Here I am, Mommy...out here... I'm so cold!

Let me in, Mommy--I need you to hold!"


Now she's looking at the door--is that a tear in her eye?

"I love you, Mommy...please don't cry!"

With that Austin breathed a sigh of relief

And said a child's prayer through chattering teeth...

"Thank you, Jesus...for sending Mommy to me,

And thank you, God…for letting her see!"

She threw open the door and he fell in her arms...

She hugged him and kissed him and snuggled him warm.

His brothers were all happy to have him back home

And because of him, one little one that night didn't sleep alone.

A bedraggled and torn old stuffed toy--

The one that brought his brother such joy--

A little more worn and worse for wear

Lay snuggled in its place on his brother’s pillow there.


Then Mommy told Austin he was such a good boy

For finding his brother’s worn out old toy.

She said how proud that he brought them all home

And how worried she was when he went back alone.

Austin’s Mommy was so happy that he was alright,

She held him in her arms all that whole night.

Austin was his Mommy's first born…and she loves him so much!

Nothing in the world can soothe like a Mommy's loving touch—

That special connection between Mother and Son—

A feeling in the heart that connects them as one.

No one can ever take that away

No matter how many brothers he has tomorrow…or today!


used by permission
Copyright © Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 


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