Rose of Love


A single rose in a lovely vase
Stands tall and proud and sweet.
It arches its neck and preens its head.
Its perfume subtle, so very discreet.

Beautiful in color, perfect petals all.
Its beauty takes my breath away.
This lovely, fragile single rose
That you sent to me today!

But the rose has thorns one cannot see,
Its life, alas, a short one!
For all the beauty that we admire
It's time on earth will soon be done.

You sent the rose to show your love,
Declare devotion true.
Despite the thorns and its short, short life,
I'll love the rose as I'll love you!

My rose now withers in its lovely vase,
Its perfume fades this day.
The petals fall like teardrops
And soon my rose will pass away.

Like the rose, will your love die
Or will it linger forever more?
Despite the thorns, despite the tears,
Will our Rose of Love endure?


used by permission
Copyright Carole McLaughlin
All Rights Reserved 

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