I met you through a mutual friend online;
She told me you were having a really hard time.
Illness was leading you down a one-way path
And lately, you’d been finding it much harder to laugh.

Organ music at church you used to play,
But with your fingers so swollen now there’s no way.
You substitute recordings for the music you held dear;
You lie in your bed with the sound to your ear.

An awful disease robbed you of your voice--
The enemy within has left you no choice.
Yet daily you struggle to keep on your toes;
You joke that the oxygen tickles your nose.

When the worst of this disease stole all your pride
You went through a time when you wanted to hide.
The only part of your body that you recognized
Were the heart and the love behind the tears that you cried.

Once a nurse you tenderly took care of the ailing.
Where are they now that your health is failing?
No one to visit...can't talk on the phone--
The worst time in your life to be so alone.

The meds to prolong a life that is doomed
May lengthen your life, but they also bring gloom.
They constantly make your body swollen and sore,
And often you find yourself flat on the floor.

Your body rebels in the Arizona heat--
Talk about moving and your heart skips a beat.
Oh, to go back to Indiana once more
Before God answers that Heavenly Door.

You’ve fooled all the doctors and you’ve fooled all your friends.
You’ve decided you’re not ready for your life to end!
Although you know you’ll never get better,
You believe most of all, "God doesn’t want a quitter!"

Now it’s gotten so bad you can barely get around
And it isn’t much better when you finally sit down.
Your swollen feet -- not a pretty sight,
And the pain from leg cramps torture you at night.

Your walker, it seems, carries more of the load;
In your heart you can see the end of the road.
Your wheelchair now waits alone by the door--
Just getting yourself in it too much of a chore.

Simple everyday tasks like just staying clean--
Major tasks to you for what to us is routine.
Sometimes you wonder what it’s all worth--
Why you struggle so hard to stay on this earth.

Your children are grown and that’s a good thing--
You’d hate to tear little ones from under your wing,
Though so often you wish they lived closer by.
Last time you saw them, you told them goodbye.

The big "C" is slowly stealing your life...
Soon no more Mother, no longer a wife.
When you’re finally ready in body and mind,
Hold out your hand and I’ll take it in mine.

You’ve waged a long battle…fought a brave fight…
Close your eyes now, loved one…rest in peace for the night
And when it’s time for your life here to end,
I’ll be there with you…I love you, my friend!

Copyright © Joyce Williams
All Rights Reserved 


The music you hear playing is 
The Lord's Prayer
By Sally Ann
click here to listen to more of 
Sally Ann's beautiful midi's

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